The Babin Trust Operation utilizes for document management, particularly tax documents. Documents now can be uploaded to the Trust Operation through a secure encrypted portal.

The Babin Trust Operation can accept the document types listed below through When you login, you will see the following categories:

Business Case - Business Operating Reports

Business Case - Business Questionnaire

Business Case - Miscellaneous Business Information

Debtor Info - Debtor Change of Address

Debtor Info - Payroll Change Information

DSO - DSO Information

Employer Info - Employer Change of Address

Legal - Expense Documentation

Legal - Settlement Statement

Tax Doc - Returns/Transcripts - Initial Filing/Pre-Confirmation

Tax Doc - Returns/Transcripts - Post-Confirmation/Annual

With 13Documents, documents can only be uploaded to cases that are assigned to a specific Trustee which will prevent information from being sent to an incorrect Trustee. Also, an attorney can view document upload history, including date/time stamps.

To use 13Documents you must register for access. One login per law firm is suggested. Registration is free. Login to and follow the steps to "Register" for Joyce Babin on the Home Screen.

For attorneys that are using 13Documents already with the McCarty and Gooding Trust Operations, the login and password previously established should work with the Babin site. However, you will need to request access to send documents to the Babin site. Login to Click on "Request Trustee Authorizations" on the Home Screen, and add Joyce Babin, Trustee.